We At ProjectEd

What makes an organization a success is the hard work put in by each individual in the organization.

our team


Shubham Agarwal

Founder ProjectEd

Shubham Agarwal along with his friend Abhinav Sharma came up with the idea of transforming Engineering Education system. Shubham handles all the operations at ProjectEd


Abhinav Sharma

Founder | Master Mentor ProjectEd

Abhinav Sharma is a key person at ProjectEd. He is the master mentor who guides students working on high-end projects. Abhinav is currently Graduate Research Assistant at Carnegie Mellon University


Shukti Ramkiran

Master Mentor ProjectEd

Shukti Ramkiran is a Master Mentor at ProjectEd. She guides students from Electrical and Biomedical domain to develop their Idea. Shukti is currently studying MS in Biomedical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University.


Anish Sinha

Head Of Operations

Anish Sinha manages all the operations and marketing for ProjectEd. Anish also ensures smooth operations in colleges through regular engagements.


Parastish Singh

Operations Manager ProjectEd

Parastish Singh manages all the student level operations at ProjectEd. Parastish is currently studying Business at Melbourne University.


Vivek Saurav

Operations | Event Coordinator

Vivek Saurav manages and organizes all the key events at ProjectEd. He is responsible for all the day to day engagement organising. Vivek is currently also working with TATA Consultancy Services.”