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ProjectEd is always happy to include enthusiasts and skilled individuals with dedication of bringing change change to society through technical advancement. To know about the career opportunities and current openings, please visit http://projected.co.in/career/

ProjectEd conducts EdShops only for colleges where project operates. To know more about EdShops and ask admin to conduct one at your campus write us at support@projected.co.in

All you need is passion and dedication to learn about the field which interest you the most.

Yes, you can enroll for both the services at the same time.

To include you college into ProjectEd college write us at career@projected.co.in and our team will guide you the process.

ProjectEd Offers free service to all the students studying in college where ProjectEd operates. To know if your college is listed into projected community, write us at support@projected.co.in

Anyone who is pursuing Bachelors In Engineering field can enroll into Build My Idea Service . To know more about the service and enrollment process visit : http://projected.co.in/build-my-idea/ or contact us @ +91-8861164674.

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